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An ideology driven PRODUCE

We produce ideas and material goods for the City through the design of objects, spaces and buildings. You can call us a design office for the City, and one with prototyping capabilities.

We are able to make it real for you before you build it. We have the ability to test, experience and make proposals at a 1:1 scale with precision prototyping machines in our workshop. Design and make is integral to our creative evaluation process, which allows us to realise our design visions without compromises from concept to construction.

“Architecture is a discipline that combines ideas of habitation with material organisation, and the architect is necessarily a producer of both intellectual and material goods. The etymology of architect as master-builder, makes clear the role of making as fundamental knowledge of architecture. PRODUCE is the attempt at reintroducing making and fabrication as an inseparable part of our work.”



The word PRODUCE, which is both a verb and a noun, represents our commitment and ambition to be PRODUCERS who put to action our minds into creating products of both intellectual and material values.

“We shape our buildings;
thereafter they shape us”.

Winston Churchill

There is always a design narrative at the core of our work, which is enhanced through both participation and dialogue with you and the City. At PRODUCE, we also view constraints and economies as important ingredients that enrich our projects. We embrace them as generative forces that shape our design ideas and strategies, and balance them with critical analysis as well as their effect on the surrounding spaces.

The concepts we develop out of this process are thus inherently contextual, but always guided by narratives that address real issues. Form follows purpose and the eventual result should and must represent its ideas in the most direct way possible.

We believe we will be able to produce new typologies through such persistence and rigour. An easy way out is not how we approach our work and we welcome projects that demand change.