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Media Coverage
Singapore Architects, June 2014

Can you share with us some of the challenges that you face with your clients?
I think most clients face the same thing—they don’t have the budget, or rather, even if they have, they will tell you that they don’t but at the back of their minds, they have lots of references. Many times, clients refer to projects that are well built with the correct use of materials, and wish to look for alternative pseudo material made to look like the real material—for example, laminate material or tiles over veneer or solid timber.

Oftentimes in such cases, I tell my clients that we are against using unreal materials as the final product would not be as desirable as if we do use the real material; that is something we keep as a rule. When we come across such instances where the budget tells us to use a laminate that looks like timber, we change the design completely. We feel that we should respect laminate as a material. The awareness of something artificial cannot be erased. I try to let my clients know that it will just be a two-week honeymoon before the material becomes an eyesore.

We are constantly on a lookout for materials that may not be commonly used in the construction industry but due to its availability and price, we could make it into an architectural or design project; these are the typical challenges we face.

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